eXigency consulting


Ex-i-gen-cy (noun): a sudden crisis (usually involving danger) that requires immediate action


Exigency Consulting Safety And Emergency Response

We use current industry best practice to take your personnel to the next level. We believe in developing plans and processes that are useful, not cumbersome.

Whether extreme cold or extreme heat, developing or modernised countries, we have specialists to assist you. 

eXigency consulting provides onsite safety and emergency response auditing. 





We can simplify your plans, procedures and training to increase your effectiveness 

  • Gap analysis & onsite audits
  • Safety management systems and plans
  • Safety, emergency response & medical consulting
  • Emergency response training
  • Delivery of over 90 competencies
  • Compliance pathways & service reviews
  • Equipment recommendations & technical support
  • Incident support


OUr consultants and Trainers have worked all over the globe in a wide variety of industries. 

eXigency consulting provides tailored training from ground floor emergency response to corporate level crisis management